PILATUS Partnerships

Promote your brand in a sustainable way

A very important part of Pilatus Brand is the collaborations that we carry out with large companies. In most of these agreements, we offer customized products for your clients or workers.

The laptop and smartphone have become part of our day to day. With our products, we offer high visibility that improves the reputation of these companies that are committed to a sustainable product.

Companies that already work with us :

Customized your product


If you are a company or a startup looking to surprise your employees, students or your own guests at their events, discover what Pilatus can do for you.

One of the biggest value propositions is that we allow products to be fully customized. Choose the model, colors, details and logos creating a unique and exclusive product.


Ah! and all our products have a surprise ...




In all our orders we include a card with plantable seeds. Convey the sustainable values of your company, surprise everyone with this detail and make a great impact creating the best unforgettable experience.

If you are interested in carrying out a project with us, write to us at info@pilatusbrand.com with the concept "Partnership".