about us

The road for us has been long and expensive to shape this project, but we cannot be more proud of it. Currently, we have thousands of clients who have already bought their cover in different parts of the world and we can say that companies like EY, WeWork, Telefónica or ThePowerMBA already offer our products to their workers, clients and students.

But we don't just want to be a sustainable company. Besides reducing the damage that fashion produces in our country, at Pilatus we want to continue growing as a company and supporting our society. Since June 2020 we have been working with the Ami3 ​​handling center, an Association in favor of people with disabilities, they are in charge of assembling the orders and placing special affection on it.

In short, we want to contribute our grain of sand to society through unique products and experiences.

Welcome to Pilatus Brand


Rodrigo Bernárdez


Alejandro Crespo



We were 20 and 21 years old when we founded this company and we really didn't know what we were facing or how far we were going to go. We were finishing Erasmus's economics degree in Germany and on a trip we made together to Switzerland, specifically to Mount Pilatus in Lucerne, we came up with the idea for this new adventure.

When we arrived at the hotel we did not stop talking about how we had enjoyed nature throughout the day walking through that place that, without a doubt, we recommend you visit! That feeling would have to be reflected in some way in our brand. That mountain was the one that would give the name and logo to our future project but ...

We didn't want to stop there. We decided to reward nature for the experience it had offered us that day and launch products with ecological and environmentally friendly materials, that is how the close relationship between Pilatus and nature began.