All started on a cold morning at Christmas 2016, when two young spanish who were studying the last year of economics in Germany visited the Swiss city of Lucerne. The handmade case that had been made by the grandmother of one of them, made them think. They wanted to start and that sleeve gave them the key,


create something different.



Everything started that day. They began to think on a comfortable, simple and practical model, but above all, with a special design. They incorporated two more compartments to increase its utility and be able to carry not only the laptop. They had almost thought in all the details but they lacked something,


something that made them unique.



The visit to Pilatus Mountain in Lucerne gave them the answer. This would imply not only the mountain that gives the name to the company and its logo, also gives a close relationship between its products and nature. Offering a product with ecofriendly materials whose respecting the environment had become part of the goal they wanted to achieve as a company.  


Welcome to Pilatus Brand